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Are you a roofing & cladding business owner looking to recruit so you can grow your business? Dimos is by your side to help you expand your business, and tool out your employees.

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By recruiting new humans resources, you can acquire new skills for your business: this offers the chance to embark on new construction activities, or take on more projects.

But such a decision can have profound implications for roofing business owners and contractors: by deciding to recruit their first employee, roofers take on the role of leader as well as that of ‘roof-maker’. This means they become responsible for the safety and working conditions of their new employees. Roofers who recruit also have the burden of additional administrative and commercial tasks, as well as the important role of coordinator, because they have to manage their teams, assign them to the various building sites, and supply them with materials, etc.

to grow more effectively

Recruiting people with new skills – which already represents a significant cost – is usually associated with further outlay and investment obligations: additional vehicles, tools and machinery for use on-site. But it is important to remember that this additional investment also enables teams to work more independently and efficiently.

New employees can also be a chance to develop new construction activities, such as metal roofing, which will mean having to decide whether to invest in your own shaping workshop.

As a roofing specialist, Dimos helps you to choose the machines best suited to your current and future needs. We can help you to upgrade your bending machine, equip a new team with construction machines, or set up an entire finishing workshop (including guillotine shears, folding machine with workshop bench, profiling machine, beading machine, feeder, etc.).

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The key issue
of safety

Employers have the legal obligation to ensure their employees’ safety by providing collective protection, or, at the very least, temporary individual protection. In the event of an accident, the employer’s civil and criminal liability may be incurred, leading to costly legal proceeding.

In addition, the roofing job market is extremely tight, and working & safety conditions are important criteria for choosing between potential employers. It is therefore essential to take account of safety when expanding your business.

Thanks to our wide range of machines & tools dedicated to work at height, as well as the vast experience of our training team, at Dimos, we can offer you the right solutions ensuring that each and every one of your roofing projects is executed safely, leaving everyone to focus on the quality of their work.

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