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Over the course of 40 years, Dimos has developed its expertise and know-how of the roofing business in four key areas.

at height

For 40 years, Dimos has designed and developed solutions to improve the working conditions and safety of roofers. Some have left their mark on roofing history: the pieuvre scaffolding bracket, the chute, etc.

Whatever the material you are using, and whatever your site setup, Dimos has a solution to meet your needs for working at height in complete safety while ensuring maximum productivity.

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Dimos is the only equipment manufacturer to develop comprehensive tooling solutions designed to process a variety of roof elements, including hand tools as well as machines for series production and metal forming.

We offer a wide range of specialised roofing equipment to help you enhance your work efficiency, comfort and quality of workmanship.

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As a roofing specialist, Dimos can provide all the accessories necessary for a high-performance and long-lasting roof: fasteners, ventilation, frame and bird-control, etc.

Dimos, a manufacturer of slate hooks and tiles for almost 20 years, has the widest range of hooks on the market, and can manufacture any conceivable types of hook on request.

Dimos has also designed a comprehensive range of integrated ventilation systems that ensure your roof is ventilated efficiently and discreetly.

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Dimos offers a full range of ready-to-use or dilutable professional products designed to extend the service life and maintain the aesthetic appearance of a roof and the building envelope.

Our range of products is exclusively dedicated to professionals, and is made in France. Our solutions are effective on all types of surface, are kind on materials, including zinc, and safe for the environment.

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