With 40 years’ professional experience in the roofing & cladding business, Dimos Training provides roofing professionals with specialised safety training.

Our strength:
our experience

Dimos is THE specialist supplier of roofing equipment and accessories. And precisely because we are specialists, we have always placed safety and prevention at the centre of everything we do. Our expertise not only includes extensive knowledge of the working environment, but also of the needs and demands of the roofing & cladding business, especially when it comes to safety and work at height.

Why choose
Dimos Training?

  • Our advanced knowledge of the roofing business
  • Our expertise in work at height and safety
  • Use of equipment that always meets current standards
  • Standard and tailor-made solutions that guarantee best value for money

2 training formats
tailored to companies

Our INTRA-company training

  • Training provided exclusively for your employees
  • Available anywhere in mainland France
  • A la carte choice of training type, date and venue
  • Theoretical and practical training at our own premises or on a construction site of your choice
  • Pricing according to location

Our INTER-companies training

  • Training sessions with employees from several companies at the same time
  • Training sessions provided on dates fixed by you beforehand in one of our showrooms
  • Pricing per person
  • Number of training places available per session: 8