Many tradesmen decide to work alone: Dimos offers solutions to help you do just that.

A growing trend
in the roofing business

Many tradesmen and contractors in the building industry choose to work alone, and the roofing business is no exception. This goes for not only young people who have just started out and who don’t necessarily have the means to take on workers, but also long-established companies who do not want to recruit, or who have even perhaps decided to downsize.

The advantages
and disadvantages

Working alone makes it possible to reduce the administrative burden both in terms of paperwork and costs. It also offers greater freedom in terms of travelling to and from jobs, and working hours, and allows you to avoid managing the human factor (e.g. supervision, team management, scheduling, absenteeism).

Worrking at height alone imposes a number of limitations that apply to heavy work and to the management of travel off-site (e.g. to recover materials or attend business appointments). More and more craftsmen are deciding to cooperate with each other and to assist each other on building sites, especially for jobs involving heavy or long loads or those requiring two people, e.g. the installation of large roof windows, roof removal, or marking out the roofing area prior to laying.

Dimos solutions
for working independently

Dimos offers a number of solutions enabling you to work alone, such as the Twin beading machine, which can be controlled by a single operator, or our new profiling machine, the DIPRO P7200, for shaping materials by yourself. We also offer very lightweight – and therefore easily transportable – aluminium scaffolding solutions which can be erected by a single person.

It is also essential to reduce the risk of back injuries or other musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs) or work accidents that could jeopardise your business. Many Dimos products, like the Mini-CAD slate cutter or the Urban folding machine, are designed to be easily transportable by a single person for maximum comfort and productivity.