at Dimos

For Dimos, helping roofers also means innovating to bring them new and future solutions designed to make their jobs easier on a daily basis, and enable them to perform better.

for 40 years

Throughout our history, Dimos has pushed forward the roofing business by designing new products to increase a roof’s service life, to facilitate installation, and to improve working conditions. A look back at some of Dimos’ major innovations.

We imagine, we design, we improve: useful innovation is part of our DNA. Over the past 40 years, we have filed dozens of patents, and some of our creations have gone down in history. See instead:

The Triade

The TRIADE® 2 m V-shaped folding machine is positioned as the best value for money in its category. It is the ideal workshop or on-site folding machine to create all essential and complex folds.


The MINI-CAD comfort slate cutter is used to cut slate, particularly for repetitive cuts. Ideal for use on a roof.


Fibre cement roofs become very fragile with age and can break during works, particularly on agricultural buildings. In partnership with the MSA, the French Social Security Association for Farmers, Dimos developed Sécuriplac®, a solution for working on fragile roofs in complete safety.


DIPRO 4600 The rollforming machine is used to shape standing seam trays for roofing and cladding from sheet metal. Specifically for construction sites: maximum mobility and robustness at a lower cost.


The most reliable tile fixing solution! Launched by Dimos 15 years ago and proved very popular ever since, the Croch’tuile® is a simple and economical solution for fixing tiles. It guarantees a long-lasting and high-quality roof, and saves the roofer money.

at the heart of the innovation process

At Dimos, our teams in charge of developing new solutions work alongside roofers every day: on-the-job discovery days, production of roof panels, product testing workshops organised in association with training centres, and follow-up training dedicated to roofers, etc.

This immersion into the roofing business enables us to fully understand every possible use of a product, allowing us to optimise it, and to adjust its design to take account of feedback from the product’s future users. Dimos products are truly designed by Roofers for Roofers!