at Dimos

For Dimos, helping roofers also means innovating to bring them new and future solutions designed to make their jobs easier on a daily basis, and enable them to perform better.

for 40 years

Throughout our history, Dimos has pushed forward the roofing business by designing new products to increase a roof’s service life, to facilitate installation, and to improve working conditions. A look back at some of Dimos’ major innovations.

at the heart of the innovation process

At Dimos, our teams in charge of developing new solutions work alongside roofers every day: on-the-job discovery days, production of roof panels, product testing workshops organised in association with training centres, and follow-up training dedicated to roofers, etc.

This immersion into the roofing business enables us to fully understand every possible use of a product, allowing us to optimise it, and to adjust its design to take account of feedback from the product’s future users. Dimos products are truly designed by Roofers for Roofers!