40 years
working together with Roofers

Dimos has been run by a family of roofers for 3 generations, who devise and design each solution with intimate knowledge of how it will be used by roofers.

Family business of roofers
for over 3 generations

Dimos, founded in 1977 by Michel Goubaud, is a French family-owned company specialised in roofing equipment. Michel Goubaud was a roofer, inventor and innovator, who designed and produced many types of equipment to improve safety and productivity on building sites

  • Our solutions are specifically designed for, and tailored to, trades within the roofing & cladding business
  • We manufacture both standard and made-to-measure equipment to suit any need
  • We are there to guide you through the purchase and use of our products

Major Dimos innovations
that have helped advance roofing

Since its creation 40 years ago, Dimos has innovated to enable roofers to work better and safer. Many of these innovations are now used on a daily basis by roofers: chutes, Rotalame®, Sécuriplac®, Croch’Tuile®, safety hooks and anchors, and Vedia® integrated ventilation systems, etc.

Added Benefits
of our roofer DNA

Today, Dimos is the only manufacturer in the market to design and manufacture a comprehensive offer of tooling covering all the needs of the roofing business (roof covering, cladding, waterproofing).

Our in-depth knowledge of the roofing business, our privileged relationship with roofers, and our technical expertise enable us to have a broad perspective not only of the constraints faced by roofers, but also of the most effective solutions to meet their needs.

3 reasons why roofers should choose Dimos:

  • Performance through innovation: we design the best solutions for roofers, and innovate to meet the specific needs of each trade within the roofing business
  • We tool you up from A to Z: we offer a broad product range tailored to local conditions and designed to meet roofers’ needs
  • We are by your side day-in day-out: we provide all the services needed to support roofers on a daily basis.
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