Setting up
a roofing business

Whether you are a long standing roofer, or recently qualified newbie, you may be considering creating your own roofing business: Dimos is there to support you in your new venture!

The ideal
starter’s toolkit

This is a somewhat of a thorny subject, as every roofer has his own preferred tools, and tooling needs may also vary from region to region. Here is our list of the tools you’ll need to start your roofing business:

  • For slate work: a slate hammer & anvil, slate pliers, a nail puller for renovation or remodelling jobs, a nail pouch (with belt)
  • For zinc work:
    • snips: at the very least, circular cutting snips, and left + right cut aviation snips (aka compound leverage snips)
    • edging pliers: 22mm, 60mm and 100mm, flat or angled depending on common practice, and corner clinching pliers, to complete the series
    • for shaping: trimming hammer, nylon mallet
    • welding equipment: soldering iron, DIPAG welding kit, mint file or planchet file to tidy up the purlin, bolt
  • For preparing the framing:
    • Scriber, Declimeter / Inclinometer (slope gauge ruler), zinc and laminate scriber, pencils
    • Tape measures, rulers, set square, bevel, string lines, and marking powders
    • hammer tacker
    • saw
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Considering investing
in a machine?

To limit initial outlay, it’s possible to start out with only a small amount of equipment, but it’s difficult to get by without a folding machine from the outset.

Even though there are indeed alternative solutions, such as having your panels shaped by the distributor, or sharing a machine, it may nonetheless be worthwhile considering the purchase of a small 1m folding machine for greater independence, and to be able to work directly on the construction site as per requirements.

Dimos has a range of affordable models which cost less than €1,000 RRP. If this is outside your starting budget, you can also opt for one of our pre-used machines!

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Never forget
about safety

If there is one investment that should never be overlooked when starting a roofing business, it is safety: a work stoppage due to an accident or inspection by the Labour Inspectorate could easily jeopardise a fledgling business.

It is therefore essential and mandatory to ensure you are sufficiently protected to prevent accidents, whatever height you work at. Collective protection should be a roofer’s default preference, but if a collective solution is not possible, then sufficient personal protection must be ensured.

But which safety solution should you choose? Depending on the size of your company, the type of projects you are planning to carry out, and your outlay capacity, there are a large number of both collective and individual security solutions available on the market.

For small budgets, Dimos offers steel roof scaffolding kits for 6 linear metres, for less than €4,000 RRP.

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