Being productive
when working at height

In the roofing business, productivity and safety are often regarded as being incompatible. It is however possible to increase efficiency and still observe safety standards. What’s more, with the right quality equipment you can even be more productive.

The dilemma
of freedom

The freedom associated with working outdoors, and the adrenaline rush of moving about freely on roofs are part of the appeal of roofing. Many roofers are fatalistic when it comes to safety, and say to themselves “well, everyone falls at least once”, or even “you’re not a real roofer unless you’ve fallen off a roof”.

This way of thinking is now changing: besides the ever-increasing number of rules and regulations, roofers themselves are choosing to protect themselves more and more. The roofing business has difficulty finding new recruits, and in the coming years, risk reduction will be a decisive factor for the survival of a roofing business.

The balance between
safety and efficiency

For a tradesmen or a construction company manager, the question of safety often implies making a compromise between observing safety standards and ensuring the cost-effectiveness of a construction project.

In the short term, ensuring safety compliance on a construction site by implementing collective protection represents a significant investment, not only in terms of initial outlay, but also training. The installing and dismantling of safety systems also represents an additional cost for each site. Working with personal protection equipment may appear to be more of an inconvenience than a benefit.

But this is a somewhat restricted way of looking at things. In fact, by ensuring safety on a construction site, you can actually boost productivity in many ways:

  • no more work stoppage risks because of the Labour Inspectorate
  • reduced accident risks (which means reduced loss of earnings / employer liability)
  • increased efficiency on the construction site: more comfortable and ergonomic work areas, increased work speed
  • a management tool for recruiting, motivating and retaining teams

Dimos solutions
to reconcile security and productivity

As a roofing specialist, Dimos is especially aware of how important these issues are, and has been helping to improve working conditions on construction sites for more than 40 years. Our company offers a complete range of products (e.g. consoles, brackets, railings and anchors) that have been especially designed to address architectural issues whatever the building materials used.

For example, Dimos has lightweight aluminium roof scaffolding kits that are easy to transport and erect. Our complete solutions include everything you’ll need to ensure fast installation, and safety in accordance with current building standards.

Dimos also offers training where you can learn how to install these safety systems quickly and efficiently.

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