A roof’s durability and longevity is partly ensured thanks to regular maintenance using the appropriate equipment: as a roofing specialist, Dimos offers a complete range of surface treatment products for roofs and walls.

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Dimos surface treatment solutions
for roofs & walls

Dimos offers a full range of ready-to-use or dilutable professional products designed to extend the service life and maintain the aesthetic appearance of a roof and the building envelope.

Our whole range of products exclusively intended for professionals is manufactured in France. Our solutions are biodegradable*, and are effective on all types of surfaces. They are kind to materials, including zinc, and are safe for the environment.

*Excluding Dimousse® Direct CL, Dimousse® Degrease and Dimousse® Slate, which are non-biodegradable, but whose dosage has been formulated to be eco-friendly.

Treatment solutions

By destroying unwanted parasitic vegetation, Dimousse help to protect the water-resistance of your roof by promoting water runoff and preventing gutters from clogging.

  • Dimousse® 2.0: preventive and curative treatment to rid your roof of algae, lichens, moss and fungus – plant-based and free from aggressive ingredients
  • Dimousse® X-Thallo2®: preventive and curative treatment against algae, lichens, algae stains – plant-based and free from aggressive ingredients
  • Dimousse® Terrace: curative treatment for roof terraces
  • Dimousse® algae: curative treatment against algae stains caused by trentepohlia – plant-based

cleaning and decontamination solutions

The following range of intensive cleaning products is designed to eliminate stains:

  • Dimousse® Degrease: roof cleaner especially developed for removing grease and other stains on all types of roofing and facade materials; contains intensive detergents and dispersants
  • Dimousse® Direct CL: decontaminating and renovating cleaner with immediate curative antifungal action on all types of roofing and facade materials
  • Dimousse® Clean: quick-acting decontaminating cleaner for stains and fungi on all types of roofing and facade materials
  • Dimousse® Slate: acidic based cleaner for removing cement film residue, plaster deposits, and fresh or dried grout.

protection solutions

  • Dimousse® Hydro: an invisible, long-lasting waterproofing solution which prevents water penetration while allowing the material to breathe.

treatment and protection solutions

Dimousse® Aqua+: curative and preventive water-repellent moss & algae killer for all types of roofs and facades – plant-based and free from aggressive ingredients