The Dimos

Designed by Roofers for Roofers, Dimos is there by your side, and helps advance the roofing business.


Founded by a roofer and the son of a roofer, Dimos is the only industrial expert to manufacture exclusive products and services for the roofing business:

  • Our solutions are specifically designed for, and tailored to, trades within the roofing & cladding business
  • We manufacture both standard and made-to-measure equipment to suit any need
  • We are there to guide you through the purchase and use of our products


At Dimos, we aim to be at the forefront of roofing products & services. We are committed to providing optimal solutions for roofing professionals, helping them on a daily basis.

Every DIMOS solution is designed with intimate knowledge of how it will be used by roofers, and is tailored to meet the specific demands of each trade within the roofing business, as well as each type of roof and/or materials.

added benefits

3 reasons why roofers should choose Dimos:

  • Performance through innovation: we design the best solutions for roofers, and innovate to meet the specific needs of each trade within the roofing business.
  • We tool you up from A to Z: we offer a broad product range tailored to local conditions and designed to meet roofers’ needs.
  • We are by your side day-in day-out: we provide all the services needed to support roofers on a daily basis.