Roofer Experience Centre

Discover this unique concept with over 1,200 m2 entirely dedicated to the roofing trades.

The world’s first venue
entirely dedicated to roofing

To celebrate its 40th birthday in June 2017, Dimos opened the world’s first Roofer Experience Centre at its premises in Ancenis, France. The Roofer Experience Centre, open all year round, is a venue where roofing professionals can exchange ideas about their trade and new developments.

The aim of the Roofer Experience Centre is twofold:

  • To allow roofers to exchange views about the roofing business, and on new trends & developments
  • To simulate work situations with roofers on full-scale models to help us understand their needs and imagine new solutions
  • Discover and test Dimos products

dedicated to different situations

The Roofer Experience Centre is divided into 4 areas:

  • Workshop testing
  • Metal forming in a workshop
  • Area entirely dedicated to work at height
  • Product showroom

Discover the
Roofer Experience Centre

Roofing Symposium, roofer visits, company training, hosting of training centres, and open days, etc. All this and more. The Roofer Experience Centre is a venue that is open to all, where people can exchange ideas about roofing. Feel free to contact us if you would like to visit the Centre, or if you have a roofing project!

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