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Waterproofing is a fast-growing activity, and represents a good opportunity for you to diversify your service offering. Dimos provides some pointers that will help to get you started in this new activity.

a fast-growing market

Waterproofing is a fast-growing market both for established and new buildings. Good waterproofing is especially essential on flat roofs, which in the past were limited to large surfaces or multi-family residential building, but which are now increasingly seen on individual houses, or at least part of them, for example on garages.

Waterproofing and sealing jobs are therefore no longer only the domain of specialists, and it may be worthwhile taking up this side activity yourself for small construction projects or entire houses.

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on a waterproofing activity

As waterproofing requires technical skills, to carry on this activity, you will need a certificate in structural waterproofing.

If you are interested in carrying out this activity, you will therefore need to recruit a qualified worker or do a training course.

& sealing equipment

Welding requires equipment such as a blowtorch, hot air gun and a welding robot, as well as additional equipment such as pressure rollers.

Pliers, shears and hand tools are also needed for the zinc finishes.

The work area must be protected with railings that satisfy the requirements of NF P93-355: these include high rails, safety nets, and metal bollards positioned no more than 1.5 m apart, and held in place using reversible clamps or another suitable fixing system.

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