[Ref. 215555]
Handheld slate cutter 55 mm with V2 punch

Slate cutters are used to cut and pierce slate before installing.
Our products added value :
  • +More ergonomic: doesn’t pinch the hand when squeezing, thinner and less slippery handle More productive: faster cutting thanks to the new mechanism which requires less effort Stronger: reinforced spring and punch Precision work: excellent cut quality and perfect bevelling
Trade : Slate
Action : to cut

Usesand features

Technical description

Robust pliers to cut slate up to 7 mm Non-slip and non thumb-pinch ergonomic handle for more comfortable use. Treated surface to prevent corrosion Cutting capacity: 7 mm, blade length: 55 mm, cutting width: 2.9 mm for fast cutting Reinforced spring and punch for superior durability Through hardened steel blade to also cut hard and thick slate Cutting length marked every cm up to 6 cm to facilitate positioning the hole
30 mm
124 mm
320 mm
0,852 kg

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