[Ref. 061028]
MINI-CAD Confort slate cutter

MINI-CAD Confort slate cutter allows slate to be cut, especially in series.
Our products added value :
  • +Lightweight and transportable, it is very easy to take on-site
  • + Ideal for use on a roof
  • + High level of productivity: ideal for repetitive work
Trade : Slate
Action : to cut

Technical description

Ergonomic handle Lightweight alloy cutting carriage for right- and left-handed users Compact angle guide with built-in square Adaptable for roofs (battens, etc.) Integrated anvil Scrap tray Notched feet Retractable tip: allows you to attach the slate cutter to the batten Carry strap Cutting platform with adjustable stop for repetitive cutting of slate The wing screws on the cutting deck effectively clamp the slate Ergonomic handle (for right- or left-handed users) Ergonomic aluminum carriage designed for the repetitive, consistent and bevelled cutting of natural slate Carriage with 12 bearings for optimal guidance Thrust ball bearing allowing the carriage to be locked in the raised position when used at an inclined angle on a roof or during transport
780 mm
260 mm
330 mm
11 kg

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