[Ref. 010125]
Guardrail with clamp for purlin 25cm overhang at 1,5m

The guardrails are fixed on the side or at the bottom of the roof and carry the safety accessories (handrails, baseboards, nets) to provide full protection.
Our products added value :
  • +Can be placed directly from the roof with personal protective equipment
  • + Light weight that reduces musculoskeletal disorders
  • + Low investment cost
  • + Short assembly time
  • + Low administrative formalities
  • + Not bulky
  • + Best Seller
  • + Scalable with additional parts
Trade : Slate, Framework, Metal, Tile
Action : to work safely

Technical description

Temporary gutter and side peripheral collective protection spaced at 3m max New site and renovation with a slope of 30° maximum Adjustment on gutter Overhang adjustment up to 1,10 Anchor point: With clamp Placement on rafter and all types of frame Full pack: 3ml / 9ml / 12ml Comprises: - 1 post 1,50 m high (ref. 20227) - 1 Steel handrail (ref. 20013) - 1 clamp for purlin or rafter (ref. 20094) - 1 High-security pin with cable (ref. 20025) - 1 high security pin + beta n°2 - ref. 20020 - 1 spacer bar 1,5 m steel (ref. 20114)
1540 mm
400 mm
2000 mm

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