[Ref. 870040]
SECURIPLAC® alu kit 3 boards L 3m l 60cm + attachment kit

This circulation path makes it possible to work on fragile substrates such as fibro-cement slabs. Usable as anchor point in EPI.
Our products added value :
  • +Very resistant and anti-slip
  • + Light and foldable, easy to transport in a van
  • + Quick to assemble without tools
  • + Easy to decontaminate if treating asbestos
Trade : Sealing
Action : to work safely, to move

A DIMOS innovation

Date of the innovation : 2009

Developed by Dimos in 2009 in partnership with the MSA (Social Security Agricultural) to limit the risks during interventions on agricultural buildings, the Securiplac solution allows to move around and work safely on fragile roofs, including fibro-asbestos.

Usesand features

Technical description

The kit includes: 3 boards 3m - ref. 880000 10 washers - ref. 880001 3 locking gauges - re. 880002 4 carabiners with locking screw NF - ref. 315040
3000 mm
70 mm
630 mm
47,5 kg

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