Working at heights

Permanent anchors are used to secure protective equipment for ad-hoc interventions on the roof structure. Dimos provides a complete range of anchor solutions for all types of roofing.

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Permanent anchors

Dimos offers the largest range of permanent anchors and safety hooks on the market. Façade anchors, safety hooks, and fall arrest anchor points all come in a variety of shapes and colours to suit every roof style and pitch. Dimos solutions are available for all roofing scenarios in accordance with current European standards.

anchor points

Gutter anchors are anchorage points placed at the base of the roof. Permanent anchors are used to secure personal protective equipment and guardrails. Dimos gutter anchor points are available in two models:

  • flat roof anchor points: for conventional batten frames
  • twisted roof anchor points: for conventional batten frames, or roof trusses

anchor points

Wall anchor points are used to secure scaffolding, railing or PPE. Our two main models are:

  • Echa-Fix® right-angled fastening plate
  • Anchorage for timber


Safety hooks are used for fastening PPE or securing ladders. They are available in different colours to blend in better with the roof, and can be installed without sealing.

They come in several different types to suit your needs: flat, arched, twisted, and flat for historic buildings.

Fall arrest
anchor points

Fall arrest anchor points are a discreet solution for installing a PPE anchor system onto a roof. They come in flat, twisted and arched models, with different heights depending on the thickness of the insulation.