Roofing accessories

Thanks to the Dimos range of tile hooks, you can fasten tiles quickly and reliably for a more robust roof.

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a cost-effective and efficient fastening system

On both sides of the roof, pressure changes caused by wind can lift up tiles, and can even tear them off. Thanks to its spring shape, X-Tile® hooks allow tiles to lift up, thereby releasing this pressure. This prevents any tile misalignment, and ensures the tiles remain in place, even in storms and strong winds.

Tests carried out at CSTB’s (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building Construction) Jules Verne wind tunnel in Nantes, France, demonstrated that roofs fastened using X-Tile® hooks can withstand winds of up to 260 km/h, or even intermittent winds of up to 280 km/h, compared to 120 km/h for roofs without fixings.

X-Tile® is a universal (i.e. compatible with virtually all interlocking tile models) quick-to-install, tool-free fastening system for new or existing roof tiles. They can also be installed via the attic for roof coverings without underlay.

It saves 80% of fastening time compared to driven-in or conventional hooks, or even mastic glue. The cost of this solution accounts for less than 1% of the total roofing cost.

X-Tile® hooks

There are two models of X-Tile® hooks depending on where they are positioned on the roof, making them a comprehensive solution: a ‘square plan’ or flat slope model, and a nail-in model for sewers, lathes, rafters or skewed tiles.

The can be fixed:

  • either via the roof, on a new roof
  • or via the attic on an existing roof (without underlayment or insulation)

Other types of
tile hook

Dimos also provides tile hooks for flat tiles, channel or curved tiles, and monopole tiles. They are available in copper, 17% stainless steel or 18/10 stainless steel, can be clipped on, or driven in, and come in a large variety of sizes. Thanks to our digital machines, we can also produce special, custom-made hooks on request.