The roofer’s workbench

from Dimos

Created for roofing professionals, the Dimos roofing workbench will be your new training and demonstration essential.

A tailor-made concept, designed, conceptualised and manufactured by the Dimos team for roofers, it has been created for you to test and get trained on our products.

What is it?

This workbench has been designed for roofers, carpenters and zinc workers who work with slate and/or metal. Therefore it comes in two versions: one workbench designed for working with slate and metal, and one metal-specific workbench (composition detailed below).

The Dimos roofing workbench allows you to test and discover both traditional and new roofing products to adapt to changes in the profession. It is a multifunctional workbench, both for demonstration and training purposes with integrated tools.

A consolidation of expertise

Made entirely of wood, it consists of two free surfaces to place your materials on, and a tray to collect your offcuts and waste.

Depending on your specialty, the Dimos roofing workbench can be used to cut and shape slate and/or to cut and bend metal. The Dimos roofing workbench has integrated tools, chosen specifically for you to put your expertise into practice.

The workbench has a selection of seven traditional and new tools.

The metal-specific workbench features tools such as:

  • A notch punching tool to avoid tearing zinc at the start and end of the cut
  • Universal shears for all types of precise cuts, even on high-quality thick and strong metals, with the blade remaining perfectly sharpened.

The slate and metal workbench features tools such as:

  • An anvil for precise slate cutting.
  • A roofer’s hammer
  • A punch snip for precise circular cuts even for small diameters, particularly for guttering.

This selection will evolve over time to offer you solutions in line with changing working methods.

Would you like to try the workbench and tools?

You can try out the workbench at our partner distributors, provided by Dimos. It’s an opportunity to discuss and get advice with the tools in hand!

You can also find the workbenches at Dimos when you visit our roofer experience center. To help you make the most of your visit, training with a Dimos expert is included in the experience. If you are interested in finding out more about our workbench or installing one on your sales floor, contact us on (+33) 02 40 83 25 01.