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Ventilation VEDIA® VEMAX® for VMC Ø 125mm 210cm²

Roof ventilations ensure good air circulation between the bottom of the roof and the ridge and thus provide for the durability of the roof.
Our products added value :
  • +Perfectly embedded in the slate
  • + Single-cast ultra resistant structure
  • + UV-resistant slate colour
  • + Exceptional performance in terms of pressure loss
Trade : Slate, Tile
Action : to ventilate

A DIMOS innovation

Date of the innovation : 1977

Dimos is the creator of Vedia® built-in ventilation, a complete range of ventilation solutions suitable for all types of roofs including attic, hip and low ventilation, as well as ventilated ridge systems. All ventilations are made from a single ultra-resistant block; they are discreet and fully integrated into the roof.

Usesand features

Technical description

Format: 40 x 30 cm Minimum slope: 26°
490 mm
300 mm
190 mm

DIMOS added value

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