[Ref. 081466]
TRIADE®OPIUM® folding machine 2m

The roofer folder is used to make one or more folds on a sheet of metal in order to produce a roofing element. Maximum scalability thanks to its many options Compactness and mobility: transportable for 2 people.
Our products added value :
  • +The OPIUM model gathers all the evolutions of the TRIADE models
  • + 15mm reinforced ergonomic apron
  • + Full length pedal: allows hands-free working
  • + Pedal to assist in opening the slider
  • + Gas cylinder for constant flexibility and assistance in opening the slider
  • + Time saving thanks to the front stop system allowing serial work without tracing
  • + Evolutive, it is possible to create a versatile workspace thanks to the various options: Rotalame® manual cutting or motorized cutting, angle stop, front stop, rod, rear table, roller support.
Trade : Metal
Action : to cut, to fold, to bead
product range
081466 - TRIADE®OPIUM® folding machine 2m
981467 - TRIADE®OPIUM® 2m folding machine with front stop
981465 - TRIADE®OPIUM® 2m folding machine with Rotalame® manual cutting
981466 - TRIADE®OPIUM® 2m folding machine with Rotalame® manual cutting
981469 - TRIADE®OPIUM® 2m folding machine with Rotalame® cutting and Ø 14mm beading machi
981468 - TRIADE®OPIUM® 2m folding machine with Rotalame® cutting, from and corner stops
981470 - TRIADE®OPIUM® 2m folding machine with Rotalame® cutting and Ø 14mm beading machi

A DIMOS innovation

Date of the innovation : 1987

TRIADE® series: Over 25,000 folding machines sold! The first folding machine designed specifically for roofers. It has 3 major functions (cutting, folding, hemming) which gave it its name TRIADE®. A mini-galvanizing workshop is transportable by two people. Very scalable, it has several options: feet (V-shaped, with wheels), rear table, front stop, rear table, different rods, with or without pedal, angle measurement... Rotalame® cutting ensures a perfectly straight cut, effortless (for the machine's capacities) and with an excellent grip.

Usesand features

Technical description

Short 15mm apron for closely spaced bending. Side clearances for making containers with 80 mm upstands 70 mm side press opening Self-locking linkage for sheet immobilization Pedal allowing the operator to work with hands-free to adjust the sheet positioning and make the profiles easily. Self-lubricating ring Ergonomic handle positioned along the entire length of the folding machine allowing the operator to work in the middle or at the ends of the folding machine as required. Upgradable solution depending on your needs (options): - manual or motorized Rotalame® cutting - retractable corner stop: allows identical folds to be made in series - front stop system for folding and cutting in series without tracing - steel or aluminium beading machine - rear table - roller support to increase the mobility of the machine
2200 mm
610 mm
1050 mm

Technical specifications
Acier 400 N/mm²
0,63 mm
Alu A5 1/2 dur H24
0,7 mm
Cuivre 1/4 dur
0,6 mm
Inox 470 N/mm²
0,5 mm
0,8 mm

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