[Ref. 031616]
Stainless steel flat safety hook 316

The safety hooks allow you to hang with a carabiner, a lanyard and a harness or a roof ladder to perform punctual interventions safely.
Our products added value :
  • +Ideal for all situations
  • + Easy to set up and does not need additional sealing
  • + Complies with EN517 Type A and Type B, and EN795 Class A2
  • + Patented and trademarked system
  • + Discreet solution for installing a PPE anchor system onto a roof
Trade : Slate, Framework, Tile
Action : to work safely

A DIMOS innovation

Date of the innovation : 1995

Dimos invented the safety hook and now offers the widest range on the market in terms of shapes and colours to integrate as discreetly as possible on all roofs.

Technical description

Add attachments according to the installation instructions: DIMOS ring-shaped attachments, DIMOS Torx screws or DIMOS spindle pins
465 mm
30 mm
150 mm
0,68 kg

DIMOS added value

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