[Ref. 175522]
Shape cutting crescent snips – right – 270 mm

Thanks to their smaller cutting edge, shape and straight cutting snips make very precise cuts in a straight line or in a curve. They are particularly ideal for precise angles and for starting cuts.
Our products added value :
  • +Time saving and comfortable to use: the metal passes under the hand High strength High precision
Trade : Metal
Action : to cut

Technical description

Forged steel Straight cut + curve to the right - Circular cut to the right with the metal passing over the hand Length 260 mm - 70 mm blades for faster cutting. Snips equipped with anti-pinch finger stop. Forged steel handle to get closer to the metal. Shape and straight cutting snips used to cut straight or curved metals, and can be used for angles, trimming and notches.
40 mm
40 mm
277 mm
0,584 kg

Technical specifications
Acier 400 N/mm²
1,2 mm
Alu A5 1/2 dur H24
1,5 mm
Cuivre 1/4 dur
1,5 mm
Inox 470 N/mm²
0,8 mm
0,8 mm

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