[Ref. 720041]
DIM ROLL Aluminium red tile 300 flexible ventilation – L. 5 m – W. 300 mm

Roof ventilations ensure good air circulation between the bottom of the roof and the ridge and thus provide for the durability of the roof.
Our products added value :
  • +Anti-tear
  • + Constant airflow
  • + Strong adhesion, even when wet or dusty (protection with disposable polyethylene tape)
  • + Waterproof and breathable body
  • + Easy to install: line for centreing the ridge, cutting with scissors or cutter
  • + UV and weather resistant
Trade : Slate, Tile
Action : to ventilate

Technical description

Ventilated aluminium ridge Corrugated aluminium body with ventilation holes Pleated sleeve made of malleable aluminium with high covering performance (easy treading) Aluminium sleeve and body Ventilation surface: 86 cm2 to the ml
5000 mm
300 mm
1 mm
0,78 kg

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