[Ref. 135528]
Dead blow mallet Ø 30mm

Mallets are used to shape or straighten metal Used for finishing materials: smoothing, removing imperfections, etc.
Our products added value :
  • +Convenient: the 30 mm diameter round head allows you to work on small, hard-to-reach areas Efficient: the metal balls contained in the nylon inserts ensure high inertia for a powerful impact without effort Easy to handle: the thin ash wood handle guarantees maximum manoeuvrability for small movements to finish your work
Trade : Metal
Action : to hit

Technical description

Gesamtlänge: 30 cm Einsätze aus hochdichtem Nylon Verbindung zwischen den Einsätzen und dem Griff aus gehärtetem Stahl In jedem Einsatz enthaltene Metallkugeln Gesamtgewicht der Kugeln: 70 g
30 mm
100 mm
310 mm
0,27 kg

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