[Ref. 135521]
Carpenter?s forged hammer – PVC handle – with magnet

Carpenter's hammers are used to drive in nails and hooks and remove nails or pieces of wood.
Our products added value :
  • +Plastic handle provides a good grip and reduced vibrations on impact Increased strength thanks to the single-piece structure, especially when used as a crowbar Striking efficiency: good inertia to effortlessly drive in large nails Easy to position thanks to the magnetic nail holder and the striated face of the head
Trade : Framework
Action : to hit

Technical description

Forged head and body made of high-quality carbon steel for intensive use to facilitate nail positioning Magnet nail holder on the head to facilitate the striking action. Striated strike face for better stability on the nail head. PVC handle for better ergonomics and anti-vibration. Head equipped with a magnetic nail holder to facilitate the positioning and a nail remover for your working comfort.
30 mm
170 mm
325 mm
0,827 kg

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