[Ref. 870134]
Alu roof scaffolding with cross members sling fastening with block piece

The roof scaffolding is attached to the base of the roof to support the floors and railings.
Our products added value :
  • +Efficient, easy-to-assemble, light scaffolding solutions
  • + Not limiting in terms of space and assembly
  • + Suitable for any type of roof (tile, slate, zinc, sloping or flat, new or renovation) or for the installation of solar panels
  • +
Trade : Slate, Framework, Metal, Tile
Action : to work safely

Technical description

Comprises: - 1 OSSMAN® alu console - ref. 880400 - 1 1,50 alu guardrail for handrail - ref. 880038, with 2 high security pins + beta n°2 - ref. 20020 - 1 steel cross member kit for alu console - ref. 880125
2000 mm
400 mm
2600 mm

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