Working at heights

Find the whole Dimos range of solutions for lifting materials onto the roof, as well as for evacuating rubble and rubbish.

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The Dimos chute is one of Dimos’ flagship innovations: since its creation, we have gone on to continuously improve it in terms of functionality and usability for increased strength and performance. All our chutes are made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (VHMW), and are blow-moulded for maximum resistance.

The Dimos chute solution includes a wide range of accessories and complementary products such as hoppers, moderators and intermediate hoppers for work on several levels for maximum optimisation of the entire rubbish discharge system.

Material hoists
and scaffolding lifts

After listening closely to our clients, Dimos developed a range of material lifts tailored to different roof types, heights and loads, and to the type of material to be lifted.

Our two models can carry either up to 150 kg or 250 kg. For increased versatility, there are a number of options available (e.g. additional ladders, head support).