Working at heights

Whatever your site set-up, Dimos is there to help you devise the ideal collective protection solution to ensure your team works in safety and in line with legislation.

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Dimos has created light and easy-to-erect scaffolding solutions designed to reduce storage space and erecting time. All our roof scaffolding solutions satisfy the requirements of EN 13 374 class C.

To help you to start your job with everything you need to ensure your team works in line with legal safety requirements, we offer complete scaffolding kits made either of steel (less expensive) or aluminium (lighter), as well as specific dual-board Ossman® solutions for mansard roofs.

for roof scaffolding

Scaffolding consoles and structures can be secured in different ways depending on the site setup (e.g. new construction or renovation, suspended scaffolding on eaves, choice of material):

  • Wall pass-through system: steel rod which is tightened on the other side of the wall
  • Blocker system and sling: blocker system fixed to the top of the scaffolding console, and connected to a sling fitted around a purlin
  • Roof scaffolding bracket with sling attachment: sling system fitted around a purlin and directly attached to the scaffolding console
  • Wire sling system with gutter plate: This sling safety system is coupled with a sole plate which is attached to the gutter for support (for embedded gutters)
  • Echa-Fix® right-angled fastening plate: scaffolding console fastening plate that is fixed into the wall using a 1-ton chemical or mechanical dowel

All our fixing systems are compatible with our different models of scaffolding..


Dimos also offers a wide range of scaffold railing solutions to keep sites safe and prevent accidental falls.

Our range includes 3 types of guardrail:

  • gable guardrails (for low pitches 0-20° or 4.37:12)
  • roof edge guardrails (for any pitch)
  • terrace acroterion guardrail

All our guardrails satisfy the requirements of EN 13 374.

for scaffolding and guardrails

To comply with legislation, collective protection must include walk boards, toeboards and railing. Safety nets are also an option.

Our whole range of accessories is designed to be compatible with Dimos scaffolding and guardrails to meet roofer’s specific needs:

  • tail guardrails
  • telescoping work planks
  • single or interlocking rails
  • interlocking toeboards
  • edge nets and fencing, flat safety nets