[Ref. 084746]
DIPRO P4600-220V profiling machine

The roll forming machine is a machine that allows you to shape standing seam roof and cladding bins from metal sheets. Special site: maximum mobility and robustness at a lower cost.
Our products added value :
  • + Gamma profiling train: maximum compactness
  • + no more transporting trays from the workshop
  • + unlimited tray length directly on the roof
  • + Robust: bumper guaranteeing its longevity on-site
  • + Space saving truck transport and storage: vertical position
  • + 160kg ultra handy: 20kg at arm's length on hand trolley with retractable handlebar
Trade : Metal
Action : to profile
product range
084745 - DIPRO P4600-110V profiling machine

A DIMOS innovation

Date of the innovation : 2019

Gamma profiling train: compactness and robustness without tools. The train has been completely redesigned to automatically adapt to all materials (for thicknesses from 0.5mm to 0.9mm) Vertical position roll forming machine: saves space in storage and during transport (floor area less than 0.5m²) This compact folding machine, combined with a redesigned centre of gravity and integrated bumpers, allows you to transport it with hand trolley and tilt into the vertical storage position with just one arm.

Technical description

Straight and treaded deck profiling in profile No. 1 Automatic roller adjustment Compact machine to ensure easy storage Its handle and wheels make it easy to transport, in the workshop, in the truck and especially on site and requires only one person Foldable input guides Profiling speed: 10 m/min
1290 mm
900 mm
750 mm

Technical specifications
Acier 400 N/mm²
0,7 mm
Alu A5 1/2 dur H24
0,8 mm
Cuivre 1/4 dur
0,7 mm
Inox 470 N/mm²
0,5 mm
0,8 mm

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