Roof access
and foot traffic

Working at heights

Dimos provides roof-specific equipment such as roof ladders or walkways designed to allow people to move about on roofs in safety.

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Fibre-cement roofs tend to become brittle with age, and can crack during interventions on the roof structure, especially on farm buildings.

Dimos, in partnership with the French Farmers’ Social Security System (MSA), has developed the Sécuriplac kit to enable Roofers to work safely on brittle roofs.

The kit consists of 3x3m long aluminium plates designed to fit into the corrugations of fibre-cement sheets, and to distribute the weight over the 3 plates, thereby preventing Roofers from putting their foot through the roof.


Dimos provides not only traditional wooden ladders, but also flexible roof ladders, as well as a variety of accessories to go with them.