nails and accessories

Roofing accessories

Nails, tacks and screws are essential for roofing, because they are very effective at keeping materials held together. Dimos offers a wide choice of fixings for all scenarios.


Dimos manufactures all its nails, tacks and screws to rigorous specifications and standards, designed to meet the demands of the roofing business.

All of our technical fixings are made from hot-dip galvanised square twisted wire (30μ/mm2 galvanisation). They are packaged in plastic-wrapped cardboard boxes with a Dimos product label, or in plastic buckets.


Our nails come in a large variety of models depending on several variable criteria:

  • A – Material
  • B – Head shape
  • C – Shape of point
  • D – Shank (i.e. the shaft or rod)
  • E – Head size in mm (X x shank ø)
  • F – Head thickness in mm
  • G – Shank diameter in mm
  • H – Length of point in mm

The importance of choosing
the right fixing solution

Nails and fixing solutions are essential elements to guarantee the lifetime of a roof: it is therefore very important to choose the right system according to the region, the desired surface coating, the resistance to tearing and shearing to ensure maximum durability.

We generally distinguish:

  • ordinary tips: flat-toed, round and smooth tips for basic use
  • the technical tips called “tradi”: they vary by their material, the shape of their rod or their head and are dedicated to specific uses according to their place on the roof
  • other fixing accessories: for specific uses, such as storm crampons, slat extensions, pop rivets and umbrella screws.