Material processing

Dimos offers a whole range of machines specifically developed for the roofing business to help professionals to boost their productivity and enhance quality of workmanship.

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Folding & bending

Dimos offers a wide range of folding machines to suit any need:

  • on-site and workshop folding machines to process materials directly on the construction site, or to fabricate series in the workshop
  • 1m, 2m, 2.50m or 3m folding machines
  • specific machines like our Parisian model equipped with a beading machine, or our segment bending machines

Our folding and bending machines are available with a large number of options: Rotalame® cutting system, benches, and rear stops, as well as built-in or bench-mounted trimming beading machines.


The Dimos range of profiling machines has been completely redesigned to increase productivity and profiling quality under all conditions. They range from lightweight on-site forming machines to larger workshop models intended for series production.

Our metal panel machine range also includes accessories and complementary products such as conveyors, spools and connecting bars.

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Trimming beading

In addition to our trimming beading machines that come combined with profiling machines, Dimos also offers manual and motorised 2m, 2.50m and 3m machines for processing diameters of 13, 16 or 18mm.

cutting tools

The Dimos range includes 2m, 2.50m and 3m manual and motorised guillotine shears, Rotalame® manual shears, and portable electric shears.