Material processing

Whether you are a zinc roofer, slater, tiler or carpenter, every roofing professional requires the right tools for the right material: Dimos offers a comprehensive range of tools especially designed for roofers.

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Dimos, tooling expert
for 40 years

Thanks to the experience Dimos has acquired on construction sites for decades, Dimos is the only company to offer a range of hand tools exclusively dedicated to the roofing profession. Our success and innovative products have made Dimos a market leader across France and Europe. Dimos’ knowhow and the quality of its products are widely recognised in the roofing trade, a trade which is founded on both tradition and technical expertise.

roofing tools

Slate roofing requires very specific tools for cutting and laying:

  • hammering tools: hammers, and not forgetting anvils, for cutting and laying slate
  • slate pliers with hole punch: for cutting and making holes in the slate
  • nail pullers: for unhooking slate
  • containers like nail pouches for tacks and hooks, as well as buckets and troughs for transporting tooling accessories.
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roofing tools

Tiling mainly requires tools for cutting:

  • dry and wet tile saws
  • tile nippers for precision cutting
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for metal work

Metal finishing work requires precision tools for different scenarios:

  • edging pliers in different sizes, depths and angles depending on how accessible the work area is
  • Universal, pelican, ‘passe-franc’ (off-set) shears, aviation snips for straight or rounded cuts, figure hole shears for gutter caps, etc.
  • Other types of pliers depending on your needs
  • Hammering tools – bossing mallets and dressing tools – for shaping metal
  • Welding equipment
  • Marking and measuring equipment: scribers, compasses, special pencils
  • Tube expanders and crimping pliers (duct crimpers) for gutter piping

Dimos also has tools for standing seam work:

  • Roofing seamers, seaming anvils, mallets and tongs, etc.
  • 1st/2nd stage hand seamers

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The frame is of course an essential part of the roof, and requires the appropriate tools:

  • saws, hammers, etc.
  • tracing and measuring tools, tape measures, set squares, bevels and spirit levels
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