Dimos present at
Milan Made Fair

Dimos joined our partner Rivit  www.rivit.it at the MADE trade show in Milan Italy where roofing and cladding professionals came thoughout the week from 13th to 16th March to see the latest innovations in materials, tools and machines.

In the forefront were the three new machines which Dimos has just launched the standing seam metal roofing:

  • The Dipro P4600 is the new mobile profiling machine which can be wheeled onto the worksite and is easily stacked upright during transport.
  • At the other end of the range is the new Dipro P7200 profiling machine for the workshop which has a new touchscreen and works in automatic or semi automatic mode.

Both machines use the novel profiling system which adapts to different metals without the need for tools.

The third new machine is the Dipro C6400 arch bender which is available in 25 and 38 mm versions.

The show was a great success and Rivit have a working showroom with these machines in their Bologna base.